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      I’ve been married to my wife for five years now, and I can confidently tell you that you only know more of your partner when you eventually get married. This is when you start seeing their crazy parts, that you knew never knew they have.
      So you are stuck with the decision of sorting things out maturely and adapting, picking up a fight each time, or trying to change your partner.
      Trust me, sorting things out maturely and also adapting is the definitely the best solution, picking up a time every time they do what you do not like will not do anything but make issues worse. Also, trying to change your partner is definitely not a good idea too, you can’t change someone that is being used to a particular thing for years.

      So, my story goes thus;

      My wife never closes the door anytime she wants to poop. You might be wondering why I never knew this. Well, that was because we used to stay in a small apartment that has a single bathroom when we were dating. So, if she doesn’t close the door, the whole place is definitely going to be filled with the smell of an adult poop. So, she usually closes the door then.
      However, now that we are married and am have also moved into a bigger apartment with two bathrooms, she never poops with the door closed, and never use the exhaust fan too.
      Anytime I confront her about this or try to switch on the exhaust fan while she’s inside the bathroom, she starts screaming and shrieking. So I stopped trying.

      No, I didn’t leave her, I’m forever stuck with smelling with the smell of an adult poop every now and then I guess.

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