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      We waited 7 years before we could have a child, when I finally discovered I was pregnant, I could not hide my joy, my husband was more excited than I was, he kept on jumping around the whole place, well it was understandable. Trust me I felt completely different, well thanks to my ever supportive husband, I didn’t go through the journey alone. Ever since, my husband heard that sex is good during pregnancy, our sex game was at its peak, yes everything for the baby.
      My husband went through the process of preparing the baby’s room, he gave the order for me not to enter the room until the baby arrives, I didn’t agree at first, but he kept on telling me it was going to be a surprise. It was about five months into the pregnancy, I was getting really anxious. I forgot to mention, we were expecting a girl.
      I gave birth to my baby girl, I was accompanied by my husband, my mum and my elder sister to the hospital. I spent about two days in the hospital, my husband left saying he wants to put a finishing touch the room. He came on the second day to take us home. We stepped into the house, my mummy wanted to take the baby’s things into the room my husband has arranged for the baby, with my husband leading the way of course. Only for my mummy to enter the room and scream
      “Charles why does this room look like a nightclub with a bed in it”.
      I couldn’t help but run into the room to see for myself, I couldn’t help but laugh, this was the surprise room my husband has been planning for the baby. It was just so funny, the colours, the light everything was just off. But he really did put much work into it, I commended him, we had to move the babies things to our room, her room needed renovation.

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