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      I am a wife and a motherwith two beautiful kids. My Husband is good at everything, he takes good care of the kids, provides for us adequately, he is just wonderful and there is a BUT, my husband sucks at cooking. Before we got married, I suspected he wasn’t good at cooking either it was too much or not enough, we basically eat out or I give us a treat.
      Early last year, my grandma was ill, I was disturbed when I got the news, then I decided to travel to see her, leaving my twins in the hands of my husband, of course, they were sure in good hands. I planned on staying for a week, I had already taken care of what the family would eat while I am away. A week passed, I wasn’t back home, things were not how I envisioned them to be, my grandma was worse than I thought, I began to worry about the home at the same time about my grandma.
      On Tuesday in the evening, I got a call from my husband saying my kids want to speak to me. Hearing my kids voice every day gave me strength, but what I heard that day made me weak. My son said “mummy, daddy is poisoning us, I don’t think he loves us anymore”
      I was giggling hard, I tried not to make it loud because he was serious with what he was saying, I asked him why he said that and he said: “daddy gives us a lot of salt to eating every time he cooks and you told us too much salt is bad for us”
      He sister kept on screaming yes, I had to let out the laughter and I told him daddy will never harm both of them, I couldn’t help but laugh at his father, he sounded so ashamed.
      My grandma is fine and my husband is learning to cook, he has improved greatly.

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