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      Hello, I am 26 years and I have been married to the most amazing person in the world, trust me when I use the word “amazing”. My first year in marriage was funny, especially our sex life. I married as a virgin my husband had to take me through the whole process, trust me I was shy and a little bit scared, I can’t explain why let’s just say I was just a little paranoid.
      One the wedding night, my big night, whenever I think about it, I can help but laugh at myself, I was really scared, I couldn’t really explain my feeling, it was a mixture of many feelings, so I told my husband to hold on till the following day because I was tired of the whole wedding stress, he simply smiled and said “ anything for you my lady”. Well, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t sleep at all, was just thinking, going online looking for tips. I said a little prayer for God to help me, and take control.
      The D-day came, I wore the beautiful nightgown he got for me before the wedding, I tried to look sexy, thanks to the tips I got, used a nice spray and Yes I shaved. I had to tell him to be ready for any drama I might pull up, he just laughed and said “I understand” and then bang! It happened, I remembered crying through the whole process. I didn’t enjoy it at first, all that was running through my mind was I messed it all up.
      Then my husband took me to the bathroom, I cleaned up and then sat me down and told me there is no point rushing, he is not rushing me and I shouldn’t be under pressure, he is ready to teach me. I felt relaxed. Its been two years and I can proudly say I am a PRO.

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