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      It is a normal thing for couples to disagree from time to time. Perfect compatibility is never attainable, but working through the incompatibility sensibly is the best. The way couples handle disagreements is what makes the difference between a happy or an unhappy couple. So, I decided to share these strategies that work whenever I have an argument with my hubby.

      • Take Responsibilities First
      When you don’t take responsibilities during a disagreement, all you will continue doing is to blame your partner. Which definitely won’t resolve the issue. My husband usually takes responsibility for his actions first, then I take responsibility for mine too, and we work out the misunderstanding between ourselves.

      • Deal With The Disagreement Positively
      It is often easiest to run away from disagreements, but remember this is not about if you feel like facing the disagreement. It’s about doing the right thing for your marriage to grow and thrive. One effective tool you can use for this is by making use of positive languages. So during an argument, try your possible best to avoid the word “you” and use “I” instead. For instance, don’t say “you always do it intentionally” try saying “I often feel you do it intentionally” instead. It’s a little change that can make a big difference.

      • Attack Your Disagreements And Not Your Partner
      It is fine to have disagreements, they are natural reactions to the other person’s behaviour or decision. However, when disagreements escalate into attacking the other person and not their decision, then that is trouble. For instance: he forgot to buy me my drugs when he was coming back from work because he is a horrible and an evil person.

      Although it can be hard to think clearly during arguments, you have to remember you are in the same team with your partner, and the problem is the cause of the disagreement. So attack it together with your partner, talk it out, and reach a compromise too.

      I hope my little tip was helpful! Lots of love

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