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      Sometimes we men go all the way to get our wives expensive gifts, like cars, designer shoes, designer bags, designer clothes, and so on. However, what some men don’t understand is that; women are not always after the money alone. They want to see that you truly care, and truly love them as you say.

      So, instead of purchasing that designer bag online, and having delivered to her by the delivery guy, why not get the package from the delivery guy yourself. Then take out the time to write a beautiful and thoughtful note, saying everything you love and appreciate about her. The gift doesn’t even have to be a designer bag, or something expensive. Just buy anything you can afford that you know your wife will truly love, and slip in the note before presenting it to her. I once got my wife her favourite chocolate, along with a sweet note about how much I love her, and some other things I’m not saying. *winks*
      She got all mushy that night and was so happy. So you see, it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift!

      For the wives reading this, it is not only the men that must always do the buying of the gifts. Show your man you appreciate everything he is doing for the family, and you truly love him by getting him a gift too. Along with a thoughtful and well-written note off course! Even if you do not have the time or money to purchase a gift, you can simply write a note and slip it into his briefcase. So he will find it unexpectedly during the day, and that will definitely bring a smile to his face, and also brighten up his day too.

      If you notice the socks your husband wears to work is torn or old, why not get him new ones and present it to him along with a sweet note? My wife did that for me, and I can’t tell you how much I really felt loved and appreciated. I’ve been postponing buying new socks for almost a week, and then Voila! I came home one day to meet a new set of socks and a sweet note on our bed.

      It’s not always about the amount of money you spent on a particular gift, it’s about the number of thoughts that goes into it

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