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      Hello! I found out after three weeks of getting married to the man I love, that he did not want kids at all, not even one! We dated for six years, so of course, we definitely talked about whether or not we wanted to have children when we got married. As a matter of fact, I made it very clear when we just started our relationship that I really wanted to have kids someday, and he never opposed that, he seemed to be okay with it. We even talked about how we would have two kids, shared name ideas for the kids, and laid out a timeline too.

      We even discussed where we would settle down to raise the kids when we get married. Only if I had known he was only deceiving me!

      He eventually came out clean to me and revealed how kids are not something he ever wanted to have. He thought he was something he would start loving. He said being with me has made him opened to the idea of having kids one day.

      I found it very deceitful, I had spent the last six years of my life with someone I thought was The Right One For Me. Was I supposed to throw that six years of my life, and a few months of marriage away?

      So, I fell into a depression and had some time to myself to think hard and long about if I truly wanted to be with him. After up to four months of crying, thinking, and confusion. I finally decided to stay, and determined to leave after six months if he shows no signs of sincerely having children.

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