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      Women love attention generally so I’m not surprised my wife loves attention too. My wife always wants me to listen to everything she has to say. Although there are usually some other things she wants, she always wants attention above every other thing.

      This attention can take various forms, but the most common form of the attention is that; she always wants me to notice her (notice her new hairdo, her new outfit, her new shoe, her new bag, their mood), and she always wants me to give her my undivided attention too.

      So as a man the earlier you understand this, the better it is for you. When you don’t give your woman the attention she wants, she gets angry, sulks, and probably picks up a fight with you every now and then.

      Yes, it is true that we men love our personal space, and we need it the way we need oxygen. Be it time to workout at the gym, or to watch a football match. So, when my woman starts disturbing me in the middle of watching your favourite team play, I actually feel she treats me like I do not deserve to have my own personal time. However, the fact is she is definitely missing me and wants me to make her feel more important.

      Although it might sound a bit dramatic to you, try to understand that women are not the same with men. So, try to always give your wife your listening ears always, compliment her when she makes a new hairdo, or when she is putting on a new thing. If you both have children already like us, take her out on a date, where you can be alone and enjoy each other’s company. Remember “A Happy Wife Is A Happy Life”

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