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      To be sincere, marriage has not been a bed of roses, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. But through it all, we have learnt to handle everything maturely, with love, with care, with respect, and with a lot of understanding. So you can definitely consider us a happy couple. Not because we don’t disagree, but because we have learnt how to handle our disagreements.

      Back to my first year as a married woman, whenever we sleep at night and woke up in the morning, I would find a tissue wadded up on Damian’s side of the bed. So, I assumed it was used to clean something or there was something wrapped in it, so I would pick it up gently at the edge because I didn’t want to touch whatever it is, and then throw it away. This continued for weeks, and it was becoming alarming now. So instead of asking him, I decided to sleep late that night and find out what he does with the tissues every night.

      Then I saw him cram a tissue into his fist and held it like that till he slept off. He didn’t use it to clean anything at all. I was surprised, so I asked him in the morning, and he said it was something he used to do since he was a kid.

      He’s used to it now, and can’t sleep without it. I laughed and was taken aback at the same time.

      Anyways that phase is gone, and I always remember to buy tissues for my big baby anytime I go shopping for home provisions.

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