How does love go wrong?

In the beginning, we fall in love, is he the right person for me? Could she be the ONE?

Time has passed, the bond keeps going stronger. Values appear aligned; the future looks as bright as the sun. Excitement in the air,  feeling of satisfaction, ‘Dream come true!’ ‘Can’t believe how lucky I am to have you’’ Where have you been all my life?’  This is it, there is no one else for me


Wedding bells jingle, all the planning, all to perfection. It’s our special day.


Honeymoon away maybe, life after together, surely.


Day to day happens, sometimes love fades, sometimes it’s just buried under other pressures, but very easy to rekindle. Once that bond, always that bond?


This I do not understand. How does love go wrong?  How do we go from love to resentment and maybe hate. How can we transition from one end to another? How can this happen? And most importantly, how can it be stopped?


To definitely Happily Ever After!


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