I remember as a fledgling in the School of Marriage, things were not as I always projected it to be, all the beautiful stories of love and they lived happily ever after….. were indeed fables. Because things were not working the way I had expected, I became so unhappy. My spouse was not acting the way I would have preferred my magical prince to act. Before I knew it, it was affecting my productivity at work and my relationship with my family. Until I stumbled on this famous quote ‘ No one can make you unhappy without your permission’ and everything changed for me.
I realised there that I am 100% in control of my happiness as Happiness is as good as food. For me, Happiness is a form of courage because in search of happiness, I started to develop my passion and while on that journey, I found Happiness.
You can always find your own happiness because it is within you. I understand that people often annoy and frustrates our efforts, but guess what, you do not have control on how people behave towards you, however, you have total control of how you respond. What matters most to you? Do you really want to react to what people say and do to you or you prefer to act by choosing your responses carefully?
Your Happiness is up to you. Just like the quote of Eleanor Roosevelt – No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. People’s opinion is just like the rain that beats the crocodile’s skin; it cannot wash out his spot. People opinion does not shape your being. Continue to be YOU.
The worst prison is the one made of the heart.


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  1. BKS


    Yes Josphine. This is because dependence on your spouse or anybody for your happiness will result in perpetual disappointment.

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