How does love go wrong?

In the beginning, we fall in love, is he the right person for me? Could she be the ONE? Time has passed, the bond keeps going stronger. Values appear aligned; the future looks as bright as the sun. Excitement in the air,  feeling of satisfaction, ‘Dream come true!’ ‘Can’t believe how lucky I am to

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Appreciate Adversity

In our lives, there will always be good times and bad times. I know that we all pray for the good times and reject bad times, however do you believe that EVERYTHING is working together for your good? Yes, we celebrate our good times everywhere, but only few people who are close to us feel


I remember as a fledgling in the School of Marriage, things were not as I always projected it to be, all the beautiful stories of love and they lived happily ever after….. were indeed fables. Because things were not working the way I had expected, I became so unhappy. My spouse was not acting the

Loving Yourself

Do you know that if you do not love yourself, no one else will? It is high time you start loving yourself. Most of the time we care for others and completely forget to care for ourselves. Before you know it, your self esteem gradually diminishes and you feel that you are no longer worthy