Living today, there are countless demands to be flawlessly perfect, picture perfect and in fact, life and relationship perfect.  But we all know we’re not perfect people, and really, that’s ok.

Living today, it can be so hard to be able to confide in people, because true intentions can be covered in deceit and sometimes we’re just not ready to hear it. Finding that perfect place to let out steam can be seriously tricky for fear it will come back to bite.

This is where Married Moments invites you.

Married Moments invites you to be bare, without the make-up and perfecting apps. Married Moments invites you to express your relationship self without holding back, simply because we’re all probably experiencing the same things.

Married Moments invites you to ask for and give support when it’s most required. In those dark moments in life when we’re made to feel we’re alone.

Married Moments invites you to be human and not be penalised for it.

To support this, our anonymity statement recognises that experiences, not individuals is what matters and as such, we would like to ask the following things of you:

-Be incognito: Ensure your username is as anonymous as it can be. Ideally not one used anywhere else

-Be unidentifiable: Ensure your posts does not have identifiable characteristics of you or anyone else

-Be supportive: Make your comments as constructive as possible. Most things in life work to bring people down, lets decide to build people up.